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Skin Discoloration - The Cause and Treatment of Me

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The indications of melasma are dark patches of skin which are irregular in appearance. They are most commonly seen on the brow, nose, and lips, (facial discolorations) but they could appear anywhere within the body. It's their look on the face that resulted in the title "mask" of pregnancy. Melasma isn't a risk to your health. It isn't typically a symptom of a health problem. However, it does cause some emotional pain, as it is damaging to your appearance. When it occurs in senior women, it's known as the mask of pregnancy.  melasma treatment at home
The cause is believed to be hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, although there are some natural causes and risk factors detailed below. What are the Causes Skin Discoloration and Risk Factors? The reason for the discoloration is spit. It's secreted by melanocytes deep within the skin's layers, then injected into new cells made by the mother cells located nearby. After the secretion of saliva is even, a smooth tan could grow. After the flow is clamped or raised in specific areas, but not in others, melasma appears. 
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It is the same thing that occurs with freckles and age spots. Melanin secretion is stimulated by hormones, exposure to sun and from a few environmental toxins. Estrogen and other sex hormones can cause increased production of saliva once the skin is exposed to sunlight. Things that increase your chance of melasma include thyroid disease, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills and patch contraceptives. It may also happen as a reaction to drugs and certain cosmetics.
 Melasma can be a symptom of Addison's disease if it occurs as a consequence of slight pressure or a minor injury to the skin. What are the Treatments for Skin Darkening? Although many treatments are available, they're not without dangers. Mild acids are occasionally utilized to help the skin slough from the outer layer of cells. Those can lead to redness, itching, and irritation that is slow to heal. 
One of the ingredients commonly used to inhibit saliva is hydroquinone. It's been banned as a cosmetic part of the European Union, because of an increased risk of cancer that accompanies its use. There's presently a safe treatment for melasma and other pigmentation difficulties; it's a whitening day cream which contains a component called Xtrapone Nutgrass. 
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