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Melasma And New Ways To Get Rid Of It

Sooner or later, aging begins to take its toll on skin, however, well we all have protected and ventilated and pampered ourselves. Losing skin elasticity and that supple, smooth feel we loved in our twenties and thirties gives way to subtle wrinkles, creases, and the dreaded age spots. best treatment for melasma on upper lip
Those age stains are known as melasma, and while they aren't harmful, they do cause frustration and annoyance in those who create patches of it in their hands and face. Melasma is the result of an increase in migraines in various regions of the body, occurring mostly on the front, the back of the hands, forearms, and shoulders.
 More women than men suffer irregular patches, and it is often prevalent in those of Native American and German or Russian descent. These dark, uneven spots appear on the upper cheeks, nose, lips, and also between the lips and nose, as well as the forehead of many individuals as soon as they hit those 40-year old markers, and might take weeks, or even decades, to grow.
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 The darkened patches of skin are believed to be due to hormones that make melanin pigments in areas where the surface is exposed to sunlight, and women who spent a lot of their childhood sunbathing can expect to develop melasma later on in life. But women who reside in hot, dry locations, and have light brown or olive toned skin are much more inclined to develop melasma than many others. Therefore it is ideal to protect the skin with appropriate clothing and to always wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 years round. 
Sometimes, people with thyroid problems also experience melasma, and stress is also an element in the progression of the skin condition. For other people, allergic reactions to foods, cosmetics or medications are the main culprit.